Sunday, 22 July 2007

Sana,Sidra,Saira and The Veezo Crisps

I was walking by a grocery store and saw VEEEEZOOOOO CRISPS on the snacks stand and instantly it reminded me of my college buddies namely Sidra and Sana :). The three of us used to feast on them in the cafetaria after crazy hours of programming.It's funny how such associations build up.Carrying the flashback in my mind I rushed into the shop and got myself a packet of veezo's and like old times stuggled to open it, believe me, opening the veezo packet is the hardest thing to do!! Anyhow, after several attempts I finally managed to open it,(Sana would open it for me in uni) got hold of a chilled sprite and happily munched them.The munches would have been tastier had the twosome been along my side.Just for the record I prefer lays to veezo's :p and pringles to lays.


Sana said...

sweet old memories :)

Asif said...

that sure is sweet =)
Reminds me of good ol' days of univ where it was Samosas and pepsi...n I remember Samosa often used to end up in 2 to 3 pieces :P

Syra said...

aww..that's so sweet asif bhai,that's what i call caring and sharing =).
I recall sharing sandwiches (lunch) with em and vice versa.
Sanaaaaa...i miss those amijan walay yummy sandwiches.

Sidra Khan said...

Sidra books