Saturday, 28 July 2007

Harry Potter & Syra

A friend was inquiring from me, that being a harry potter fan howcome I have no post relating to Harry Potter on my blog, so here is one.

My Harry Potter Series Collection

I made this a few years back :) ,

I took this test, see my results...yay :)

Which Harry Potter Character Are You?

You are part Harry. You're a loyal and courageous friend. You'd do anything to protect the people you love, especially if it'll get you a break from class for a little while.
You are part Dumbledore. You're the wise sage in any group. With your guidance, any situation can be resolved in the fairest way possible.
Find Your Character @

See, I am such a huge Harry Potter fan that J.K.Rowling particularly mentioned me in her last book :p


Shahrukh said...

baji,I think ure thinking is like those goblin creatures in the book bcz u like them aik aik chawaneee ka hissab raktee ho and muj ko 300 say 1 rs zeyada nahee daitee....
so I think ure thinking is like goblin not harry
and I would also say I was scared when I 1st saw goblin on big screen, I went to isb club alone to watch harry potter part 1 and I saw him and i was so scared bcz of the bona height,ears bigger than his head,bulging eyes, long nails, at the same time I was fascinated and my interest in the film was only the goblins, I also like dobby
my fav creatures lol
why were the goblins always angry in the movie?
hope we get to c them in the next part

Syra said...

-now that my brother is the HEIGHT of darpokness! :p
-their ferocious look goes with their job of bank keeping
-if i recall correctly they will be back in hp and the order of the pheonix movie, don't worry..i'll watch it with u so that u don't get scared :p:p:p

@sM@ said...

Ohhh .. the painting's sooo cute :-)

ali said...

nice painting saira..
ok i got a question from HP fans;
According to HP all wizards/witches need a wand to perform magic. wand act as a mediam b/w the magic within the wizards to cast. BUT In book one when harry was a kid he went to zoo with dudley and there dudley started teasing a snake in the glass cabin which made harry angry and he made the glass disappear to release the snake so how did he do that without a wand?
(I got an idea of it but i want to hear your ideas!!!)

Syra said...

woops,the only part of painting i did in this painting is attaching my pic in MS PAINT :p..but thanx anyways :)
ali,the magic is withen the wizards and the wand is just a medium...thats the only sensible explaination i have heard

Attique said...

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