Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Numb hands, Numb heart

Last night my hands were frozen and stiff due to the cold.It was probably below zero outdoors.I couldn't flex my fingers at ease.My fingers had gone bluish and kinna numb. They felt heavy and hard.So I put them under a shower of warm water.The water was really hot, I could sense it because of the steam around the sink. But to my surprise my hands felt more cold.The warm water stinged initially and it hurt more. Ouch!!! A bit later my hands soothed up, went through a melting effect and my sense of touch was back. Phew!
Extraordinary,Is it?
Sometimes life takes dangerous turns and we end up being in an emotional imbalance.The depression seems to be life long.Nothing seems to make us happy.We keep hurting,and all we feel is pain. We become numb to all feelings except sorrow. But if we keep exposing ourselve to the good, to the care, to the love, and continously try to fight the negative forces eventually the emotions will stop stinging.The good shall win.


khany said...

salam syra,
you probably suffered from frostnip or first-degree frostbite

because numb hands cannot feel the heat they can easily get burned by hot water. to treat the above you should immerse your hands in water with temperature only slightly above body temperature. test the water temperature with an unaffected part of your body or better yet have somebody else do it for you.

the caution can be generalized. anytime we suffer from our indulgence, the 'natural' and immediate reaction is to tend to the opposite extreme. thus frostbite invites hot scalding water, acid burns invite alkali treatment and bad experience with a loved one can leave us longing for introversion.

yet, these are never the solution. in fact, as in the case of hot water on frostbite they often aggravate the already festering situation. the trick in these moments is to subdue the initial impulse and substitute the imbalance with moderation. luke warm water, dilute buffered solutions and friends kept at a healthy distance; they all have this one element in common.

Syra said...


Nice comment.Yeah, moderation does the trick.

Unfortunately, some people isolate themselves completely after a bad experience with a loved one as they don't want to take the risk of having a similar experience again.

woh kehtay hain na "excess of anything isn't good" makes me wonder if excess of good is bad?

Emotions are complicated. I have seen love devastate people on one end, and the same love cure people at the other. Love can be both the disease and the remedy to the disease.

God bless.

teeB@ said...

im feeling the same numbness in my feet rite now...but its not frostbite :P

i lykd Khany's comments followed by Syra's....i deem the same!!!

Sidra said...

Syre! Wow! what a beautiful thought... what a true comparison... Thats exactly the point for being normal & emotionally healthy person... when numbed with negativity, surround yourself into depths of positivity... and sooner or later you will heal!

Syra said...

Thanks for the appreciation sid :)

Syra said...

and Teeba too :)