Saturday, 21 July 2007

Happy Birthday to my baby brother

In the pic-->Shaz the cutie;
The story, (back in the 80's) --> The little darling went to the bathroom, managed to pick up the chothu sa orange tub in which mama used to give him a bath, dragged it along till the toy cupboard, sat in it and gave him self a toy shower :) , mom got the camera and said 'shahrukkkkkkkkh' and he posed with a smile.....cheeeeeeeseeeeee.... with his two bugs bunny teeth showing :)
On his birthday, lets pray for his well being, health,righteousness and prosperity.
Is Celebrating birthdays permitted in Islam?, to find out click Here


Xunaira said...

And this cute lil baby has grown into a dashing handsome hunk mashallah...lady killer...i call him enrique iglesias :D
May God bless you with a long, happy and prosperous life dude :)

Shahrukh said...

wow thanksss zoon effect i will read this every day to make my self happy
i dono saira ko pic kidher say mil jatee hain

Syra said...

the dashing handsome hunk should prepare himself for a spanking from his DARPOOK sis :p

Shahrukh said...

baji ji u got it all wrong
What i ment was k,i also go thrue
old pics but i never found such a unique pic
other pics are also fit but is tipe key unique pics nahee mille muj ko
so the point is im wow k how u find such pics.....why dont u b a journilist im sure kamal key contaverscial pics chapooo ge paper main what say?

Syra said...

:) the spank was due bcoz u called me darpok..dude,type slowly..your spellings are funny :)
me? journalist? :D...controversial pics? :D...yes,yes,yes like clark kent ;)