Tuesday, 24 July 2007

The Ghost in the T.V

See the television above in the picture,it gave me the scare of my life more than a year ago!

As most of you already know, last year I made the much hyped short trip to Dubai on my own to give the Microsoft interview.

So after a long tiring yet immensely exciting first day in dubai I finally headed towards my room. Out of excitement I already had little sleep the previous night but I was pumped up with some sort of super energy. I had been out wandering in the huge extravagant shopping malls in dubai city that day, I had also visited the dubai creek and yatching club, more commonly known as The Marina.

So I came back to my hotel room, offered the Isha prayer, arranged for a iron and iron stand, ironed my clothes, watched a bit of t.v, subscribed to the hotel's wake up call and eventually dove into the bed for a nap.But I just couldn't sleep. I kept thinking about my eventful day,and about the interview I was going to give in a few hours, and was looking forward to the coming up adventures the next day;a visit to the beach, arabian hotels and burj arab and much more were all lined up.

Lost in all sort of fun thoughts I slipped into a sleep, but then woke up pretty soon because the room had become too cold, thand lug rahee thee mujhay.I looked around for the temperature control gadget,it was attached to the wall,I spent a few minutes figuring out how to use it and finally got the hang of it and set the room temperature to a suitable figure. I went to bed again.It was nice, cosy and completely silent.I was just about to dose off into a sleep again but TRING TRING the phone started ringing.It was one of my uncles checking on how I was doing.So I comforted him that I am doing great, not scared and not feeling lonely at all.So now was my third attempt to find some sleep. It was nice and cosy and completely silent once again for some while kay ik dum LOUD SOUNDS OF TWO PEOPLE TALKING IN MY ROOM ON THE TOP OF MY HEAD woke me up.I jurked and literally could feel my heart thumping.As a reflex action my hands lit the lamp up and my eyes widely opened, and infront of me I saw the television switched on.I kept staring at the screen for a minute or two realizing what had happened, giggled on my own and then I seeked the remote and switched it off,checked the lock of my room and kept thinking how the television turn on automatically.how how how??? I still don't know..maybe some sort of timer was set or the electricity peaked or something.Only God knows, par mujhay tau dara diya tha.

To See Pics from my Dubai Trip Click Here


teeB@ said...

r u sure the tv switched on automatically??? cuz i often do this in my sleep :D

Syra said...

u do!:D:D!! yupe, it switched on itself

Isbahz said...

:D sometime tv's have an auto-turn-on-&-off feature. Someone must have accidently set the timer on. U know these days TVs can turn On & Off automatically! :D
if u think its wierd for a machine to do that.. u should watch Transformers!!!

Maryam said...

Wow.. creepy... Lolz.. but dont worry saira janu, ur so friendly that maybe some ghost wanted a buddy to watch TV with :P

@sM@ said...

are you sure it was TV's timer , eh eh eh???

I heard in Dubai ... spirits roam around freely ... so may be your room was inhibited by one, huh??

Syra said...

maryam-- :)
isbah-- must have been the timer i guess, but who in the world would set it to 3 in the morning :)
asma--spirits!! hehe..for the time being there is a rat roaming around freely in the User Education Group so watch out :p

Shahrukh said...

thats call heigh of darpook ness

Syra said...


ali said...

dats really an awesome thing to do to scare the hell out of some alone girl in a hotel room ^|^....probably that might be the entertainment for the hotel guys to do dat :P

Syra said...

haan haan haso haso,beta, u better watch out for the pranks that australian gals play :p:p

ali said...

can u plz shed some light on "the pranks that australian gals play"?
so that i get prepaired in advacne for just in case :P

Syra said...

whats the fun if i tell u :p