Friday, 27 May 2011


always and forever :)
this post is dedicated to my husband.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

2 node circular link list

A couple of days back I was flicking through channels and ultimately STAR World caught my attention. The thrilling t.v series BONES was on air. I dont't follow it, regardless I stopped on the channel. That very interest my friend Zahida came to my mind and I thought of her. Interesting thing here is that Zahida loves the show and finds a resemblance between me and the leading character of BONES. So she says whenever she watches it 'saira yaad atee hai'...i.e she is reminded of me. And now the same show reminds me of her :)

For me, this happens often that a circular link of rememberance is formed. When a thing\event\happening reminds someone of me, then an association between that thing\event\happening and the person who recalls me is formed in mind.

Generalizing this if a certain thing reminds someone of you, then that same certain thing will remind you of that someone :) I hope I am making sense and not sounding crazy to the readers here. Does such an association build up in your mind too?