Thursday, 26 July 2007

If you want to make a new beginning in life—look ahead to the end. Then decide what to do

Imagine yourself at 95, knowing what was important and what wasn't. Take that knowledge to heart now, both for your career and for your personal life

You are now about to receive the best coaching advice that you will ever get in this—or perhaps any other—lifetime! You are about to receive advice from a very wise old person. Listen very carefully to what this wise old person says. First, take a deep breath. Take a deeper breath. Now, imagine that you are 95 years old and you are just about to die. Here comes your last breath. But before you take your last breath, you are being given a wonderful, beautiful gift: the ability to travel back in time and talk with the person who is reading this column. The 95-year-old you has been given the chance to help the you of today to have a great career and, much more important, to have a great life

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Hira said...

Nice advice...n I tried it but fortunately I was dead at, was unable to come back as a 95 years old :)

Syra said...

hira and the rest, watch "Just like heaven"...and "The family man" of my favourites :)
these movies relate to the topic

Attique said...

How about imagining yourself 15 years younger? I do that often.

Syra said...

back to the future :)

Syra said...
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razi said...

such a nice advice .... i do it often .... hay have u seen the movie 'click' Adam sandler ..... it seems jumping to 95 in a single leap may take all your emotions away,all the love the suffering that changes your thoughts. May be at 95 you are not the same person that u think u r right now ! u never know keep on imagining :)

Syra said...

-nope, i havn't seen it, will check it out, thanx
-being 95 yrz old is an uncomfortable thought, but i guess as long as you have ppl around you who care for you any age would be pleasant
-i once read an article in which most aged ppl regretted the fact that they lived their lives too seriously in terms of building a career,and didn't give their family and friends enough time, and neglected the emotions of their loved ones.
-and i think you are right abt emotions fading away, unless they remain consistent
-razi, do i know u? :)