Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Point to Ponder

For every hero in the spotlight, there are dozens in the shadows.They don't get press.They don't draw crowds.And a revival can begin with just one sermon.
We'd do well to keep our eyes open.Tomorrow's leader might be mowing your lawn,and the hero who inspires him might be in your mirror.
Max Lucado
When God Whispers Your Name


Xunaira said...

Yesss!!! who knows the person writing this scrap is the next big sensation in the world! :P:P

Isbahz said...

or may be... its the person reading this scrap right now! :p

Syra said...

InshahAllah and ameen :)

Syra said...

ok xu and isbah, i have added two images to make a point; Read between the lines :p:)

Isbahz said...

good one :)
So, if we dont know who the heros are... how do we pick favorites :p

Hira said...

:) may be the Leader and Inspiration, both are in same mirror :)