Saturday, 23 June 2007

You are bigger than your problem.

Everybody goes through difficult times in life. We may feel as if God has lifted a particular blessing, and we may feel burried by the problems we are facing. In such times we should remember that God hasn't abandoned us. Infact it is always us who abandom Him. He sets us tests, which we should boldly face in the light of Islam.We should turn to God and constantly pray to Him,and ask Him to advise us on the best way to act.
During a treatment recently,a doctor, who is more of a friend and a fatherly figure to me, spoke some wise words, he gracefully said "Saira baiti, always remember You are bigger than your problem" and he explained that God only puts that much burden on us, that we can bear. He never overloads us. His words cured me more than the medicine :-)

A lovely prayer written by the Egyptian Sufi master Dhu I-Nun (d.AD 861)
"O God, when I listen to the voices of the animals,to the sound of the trees, the murmur of the water, the singing of the birds, to the rushing of the wind or to the rumble of thunder, I see in them evidence of Your unity; I feel that You are supreme power, supreme knowledge, supreme wisdom, supreme justice.
O God, I also recognize you in difficulties I am experiencing now. God, let Your satishfaction be my satishfaction, and let me be Your joy, the joy that a Father takes in his child. And let me remember You with calmness and determination, even when it is hard for me to say: I love You."

In times of need and otherwise We should never feel alone, because Allah is always there with us. All we have to do is reach out for him via prayers.
Abu Huryara reported that the Messenger of Allah said, "Allah Almighty says, 'I am in My slave's opinion of Me and I am with Him when He remembers Me. When he remembers Me in himself, I mention him in Myself. If he mentions Me in an assembly, I mention him in a better assembly than them.' If he comes near Me by a handspan, I come near him a cubit. If he comes near Me by a cubit, I come near a fathom. When he comes to walking, I come to him running."


hadi said...

yeah He never overburdens us.....This too shall pass
:(....... one has to b patient

Mushkilain mujh pay itni parin kay asan ho gayen :)

Syra said...

kissi nay khoob kaha
"hur dukh anay wala sukh ka ishara hota hai"

The Mute Spectator said...

Hmmm... Sometimes, one gets the answers to his problems from the most unexpected of sources!

I believe this too must be a way of the Almighty to keep those on the right track who dearly want it!

Thanks for the wise words.

Syra said...

:) my pleasure

At the back end it's always Allah who is guiding us. The means of it at the front end could be absolutely anyone\anything.
But sometimes it's not that simple,one has to keep an open mind to be able to decipher :)

In any case, we shouldn't hesitate in invoking Allah to ease our problem and to provide us with the solutions.

Anonymous said...

Masha'Allah I really liked this post and the words of advice are very wise. May Allah grant you increase in knowledge that benefits you. Allahumma Ameen.

Keep smiling also :)

Syra said...

Thank you. Ameen to the dua. Same well wishes for you. =)