Monday, 24 December 2007

Who is Your Ismail?

Most of us are aware of the famous true story of Hazrat Ibrahim's (A.S) sacrifice.It was a test of his faith and he passed it with flying colors.

Hazrat Ibrahim (AS), instructs that we should owe absolute duty only to God, and it is our relationship to God which ought to transcend and determine our relation to family/nation and not vice-versa. The Ismail of Ibrahim was his son. But for you, who is your Ismail? What is it? Your degree? Your reputation? Your position? Your money? Your home? Your car? Your beloved? Your family? Your knowledge? Your title? Your dress? Your fame? Your soul? Your spirituality? Your beauty? Your strength? Your career?

How does one know? Well, you know this yourself. One can only give its signs to you.

Whatever is in your eyes, which holds the place of Ismail in the eyes of Ibrahim! (Hazrat Ibrahim was Hazrat Ismail's beloved son, the fruit of his life, the joy of his heart, the meaning of his living and staying)

Whatever weakens you on the way of faith!

Whatever stops you in your movement! (movement in the light of Islam, in accordance with Islam)

Whatever brings doubt to your responsibility! (responsibility as imposed by Islam)

Whatever has enchained your freedom!

Whatever leads you to compromise and justification! (justification of a wrong action)

That very thing which deafens your ears before the Message of Truth!

Whatever calls you to remain with yourself! (away from Allah)

Whatever causes you to flee from your duty! (duty as imposed by Islam)

Whoever or whatever keeps you behind (faith) in order to remain with her/him or it!

Brothers and sisters, these are the signs of our Ismail's. Let us search for them in ourselves and let us slaughter them to move towards Allah Almighty and to remove the real knife from the throat of the oppressed Muslims the world over.

Let us revolt against the heartless worshippers that we have become. Remember, our Eid is not an Eid of victory. It is the Eid of sacrifice (Azha).

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*editors note-- Added a few words to original article.


mOi said...

Thanks for sharing and activating the thought process :-)

Syra said...

the pleasure is all mine.