Monday, 31 December 2007

Interesting Sites

Quran Explorer
Free Rice

I am trying to figure out how the spooky wizardy one works :O


teeB@ said...

the Quran Explorer is goody....ive used it before...

The Rice Grains is CooL...its really intersting and convienient in many ways..

and the Spooky is REALLY SPOOKY...!!!

although ive done this before but every tym it makes me go crazy....HOW DUZ THIS APP KNOW MY THOTS??? :O

Syra said...

jee, the Quran explorer is handy.

Free rice could help those preparing for IELTS and GRE.

Don't think of a number, click next and see what symbol appears in the spooky site.

Xunaira said...

Okay here goes the logic behind the spooky site...
whichever 2-digit number we select...suppose 66 or 92 or 37...when we sum up its the stated cases
and subtract the result from the original...
the answer we get will always be a multiple of 9...again in the cases stated...
so now notice that all multiples of 9 are assigned the same symbol on the website...and voila! that's how they always know which number we end up with :)...
This logic was figured out by my colleague Ms. Samreen Mukhtar...a big round of applause for her along with a water cooler :)

Syra said...

Applause for Ms Samreen :) Very Smart
Thanks Zunaira.

teeB@ said...

Everytym it ends up in multiples of 9....wuhu....

GooD Going Xunaira and Samreen!!!

khany said...

for those who cannot resist abstraction:

any two digit number can be written as
such that x,y are a natural numbers less than or equal to 9. (x is the 10s digit while y is the units digit).
the sum of the two digits is

thus, the difference of these two numbers is

(10x+y) - (x+y) = 9x

since x is a natural number the result as noted above is always a multiple of 9

ISK said...

oh i guess i am late to visit the site. I solved the problem within 60 sec. :(

Syra said...

'(10x+y) - (x+y) = 9x'