Friday, 7 December 2007

Some Words from Ethereal

Ethereal shares a memory to reflect upon humanity, respect for our fellow beings and how everyone is special in their own way:

So many people lose someone close to them at an early age. There are wars in this world that leave traumatized children. Sometimes it can be depressing but it can also make you stronger. Such people usually rise above others when it comes to showing compassion and love. They have lot of respect for lives around them.

I had a friend in class 3. He was sort of forced upon me as our seats were fixed, front row center, by the class teacher. I was in another section before 3rd class so I didn't know him much and also didn't like him because he was a bit disorganized and mediocre at studies. In the beginning I wouldn't talk to him and would shun him if he tried so. All the while infront of the teacher so that she'd get my message. But she'd only let out a sweet little smile that would further frustrate me. I thought I wouldn't stand sitting with him. I was wrong. I don't know how it happened but after a few days I started to accept him in my life. I don't believe he ever had any problems with me, though. We started to talk. And then we got to know each other a bit. And then we started cracking jokes and doing funny stuff like mock fights during a class. We started to influence each other. We learned from each other. Before we met he was disorganized. I was a crackpot when it came to organization. I would get irritated and at times scold him for little things such as not drawing straight lines. Silly things these seem now. I used to get extremely incesed if things wouldn't go right... or straight. He taught me patience... by example. There were times when I would tease him. True he would give in and would tell me to stop but he'd never ever hit back. Never started anything unruly. Never teased or mocked me in return. I can still remember him calmly enduring all the scolding for not doing his homework. When we were promoted to 4th class only our classrooms changed. We even dragged our old desk from our old classroom because we got used to it. We spent one and a half years together. On the very first day after summer vacations I met a girl from my class with a worried look and she told me that he had died during vacations. In death he had taught me the greatest reality of life, death.


Also outward appearances are deceiving. It also shows how quick we are at judging others just by their outlook. Believe me one lesson I've learned in my life over and over again is to always to talk to people before making an opinion about them. I'll narrate a little story here:

In 7th class there was a boy in my class who was much taller than me. I thought of him as a bully who would sometimes tease me. In the summers I went on a week long trip and we had to live in tents. He also came along and were in the same tent as mine which I obviously disliked. As it happened I fell sick and he was the only one who cared for me. Later, in front of everyone he would pretend as if nothing happened. I didn't mention it to anyone but I'm sure he would have denied any knowledge of his good deed.

Hearts can change. They change. Even your enemies become the most faithful friends. Maybe the best deduction from this would be that it is wrong to hate any human.



Syra said...

wonderful message
very touching!

teeB@ said...

though it it very touching but it reminded me of my school days...after reading ur comments on learning from others and even mistakes...i must say a lot of such reactions(now i call them stupidity) which i made earlier came in front of me n now i realize they were what i did with my own class fellows.
How bad i was...i hope Allah forgives me for all that.

mOi said...

Awesome post ... touching ... and the feelings et observations so real :-)

Well experiencing death of someone so close to your heart at a tender age (tender not physically, emotionally too) leaves you with a self strength. But then thats my belief :>

Touching nevertheless .... keep writing!