Friday, 7 December 2007

She must carry out that mission or go mad

Found this extract to be intense:

I' m only happy when I think that God exists and is listening to me; but that isn't enough to go on living, when nothing seems to make sense.I pretend a happiness I don't feel; I hide my sadness so as not to worry those who love me and care about me. Recently, I've even considered suicide. At night, before I go to sleep, I have long conversations with myself, praying for this idea to go away;it would be such an act of ingraditute, an escape, a way of spreading tragedy and misery over the Earth. In the mornings, I come here to talk to St Therese and to ask her to free me from the demons I speak to at night. It's worked so far, but I'm beginning to weaken.
I know I have a mission which I have long rejected, and now I must accept it. That mission is to be a mother I must carry out that mission or go mad. If I don't feel life growing inside me, I'll never be able to accept life outside me.

The Witch of Portobeloo
~Paulo Coelho


Isbahz said...

sounds interesting.. just started reading this book... i am hoping to like it already

SairaA said...

oh god thats me ... i have to, have to become a mother or i'll go mad !!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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Syra said...

Thanks :)Will check it out.