Sunday, 2 December 2007


During an Engineering Project Management lecture I recently attended the professor asked the class to define the term "variance". Let me describe the class first.It's a post-graduate class.It contains students of varying ages and excluding my self the class is a class of geeks.It's an evening program so most students are professionals. They come from different engineering backgrounds with plenty of experience in their respective domains.Some are PhD students, while some of the others already have a masters degree under their belts. So discussions turn out to be a war of words between nerds.
Coming back to the question. Everybody raised hands in a jiffy. One by one the students gave a comprehensive definition of the term variance, some adding mathematical description and application details. I was trying my best to make sense out of every bit of what all of my learned class mates were saying. Clueless I sat and listened.
Amidst the discussion the Professor moved towards the board, picked the marker and wrote "K.I.S.S". Then he turned towards the class.
The whole class subdued.
A moment later the Professor exclaimed
"Keep It Simple Stupid"
While others made surprised faces,one student was rather amused by the remark. Hehe..that would be me.


Sana said...

thats hilarious :)

teeB@ said...

interesting... i wonder how would i have reacted over this... :D

Saira said...

i know you would have burst into your regular laugh : "khekhekhekhekhekhekhekhekhe"


Syra said...

teeba's chipmunk giggle

Shahrukh said...

when my class mates are showing off in class with complicated answers i'll ask them to K.I.S.S ;)