Monday, 10 December 2007

A potential solution to sleep problems

BusinessWeek: Forget taking pills or counting sheep. Just make sure you can answer yes to five simple questions, and you're on your way to a restful night

This evening before you go to bed, ask yourself the following five questions:

1. Did I avoid causing harm?

2. Did I make things better?

3. Did I respect others?

4. Was I fair?

5. Was I compassionate

If you can answer yes to all five questions, you will be almost guaranteed to have peaceful, uninterrupted slumber (assuming, of course, you have no physical problems preventing you from sleeping well). You will deserve this pleasant reward, because you took the high road when it might have been easier to take the low one. Read On


Imran said...

what if some one has automata terminal the very next day and he has no preparation. :D

Syra said...

even he should answer all the five questions above.

khany said...

this might interest you syra..

ISK said...

but this is for sure that even after answering all the above mentioned questions as yes he will face problems in sleeping.

Humairah Irfan said...

Thanks Syra :)

Syra said...

Khany, thanks for the link.

khany said...

my pleasure