Sunday, 15 June 2008

Japan unveils water fueled car

Reuters: Japanese company Genepax presents its eco-friendly car that runs on nothing but water. The car has an energy generator that extracts hydrogen from water that is poured into the car's tank. The generator then releases electrons that produce electric power to run the car. The new car will run for an hour at 50 mph on a liter of water.

How cool is that! B)


mOi said...

I'm seeing the days very near when water will be available at fuels' rate too :(

We can always start buying our own glaciers though ..!

Farhan Hafeez said...

Buying glaciers ... hmmm ... not a bad idea .. land should not be that costly on mountains ;)

bilal said...

this will be a blessing!

khany said...

salam syra,

i am not a cynic. but from all the science i have learned so far there are only three possible conclusions that this article lends itself to

1- genepax have discovered an exception to the one of the most fundamental (and most widely tested) laws of the universe, i.e. the law of conservation of energy.
2- they are lying
3- they are cheating

i believe you took a-level chemistry with sir shaukat abbassi? you would have studied hess' law as a consequence being a consequence of energy conservation. hess law states that the energy required to go from reactants to products is independent of the path you take. a particular consequence of this statement is that no energy my be evolved (or absorbed) during a cyclic process.

genepax claims to use water to create hydrogen. a hydrogen fuel cell then generates electricity and produces again water as a byproduct. this is a cyclic reaction we begin and end with water. how much energy can we extract from this process? absolutely zero.

the discovery of an exception to the law of conservation of energy (in familiar matter at near room temperature and pressure) is so unlikely, barring a miracle, that i will proceed straight to the other possibilities.

why would they lie or cheat? it boosts the image of the company, people buy their shares, somebody becomes very rich.

how could they cheat? for example you can create hydrogen from water by reacting it with certain alkali metals. however, these metals are used up in the process. and so the metal and not the water is the fuel. it would need to be replaced at a high cost.
genepax gives no details of the process employed and they state that water is the only input and output. this is untenable.

sorry for the long rant.
allahu alam.

p.s. this might be helpful too

Syra said...

Shukran, Now that's a PhD in chemisty talking :)...I will take your word for it.
Nopes, I didn't study chemistry in A-levels, however Sir Shaukat Abbassi was my chem prof in o'levels.

The shares of Genepax are going down! (Y)

Saira Andleeb said...

I think khany should have a blog too, i know im gonna be a regular reader. And also i cant wait to read his (not very scientific :P)poetry :)

so what say khany ?
:P :)

Syra said...

I think so tooooooooooooo.
guess what sak, He's good with poetry :) and once I did try pushing him to start his own blog and put up his poems on it as a starter...but nay, he believes he fits for the pearl finding role. :)
come on khany, be a sport. Go Khany Go! We want a Khany blog.

khany said...

blush blush :D

believe me it is not a good idea for me to start my own blog. (sorry i have a reputation for disappointing)

i know its seriously unfair that i get to enjoy, benefit from and criticize everybody else's work while never giving others the same opportunity.
hey! life is unfair like that and we all know that by now :)

still, let me offer a compromise which might make the situation a little less discriminatory. how about i give syra the license to 'publish' my poems on her blog (~ five poems); one at a time with about 2 weeks between each of them?

thank you syra for complimenting my attempt at poetry. but in all honesty i am not a 'poet'. all the poems i wrote were composed within the space of 60 hours. i had never before and nor have i since found the ability to compose a verse.

khany said...


and syra i am a candidate for ph.d. in chemsitry. i have no competence in the subject other than my a-level background. recall i did my bachelors in engineering and skipped masters. just wanted to point that out in case somebody used the label to assign undeserved credibility to my opinion. having said that, i think the argument presented is leak proof.

Syra said...

:) I will be honored to publish your poems...since i already have them just tell me the order in which you want them published..and i meant to write thats a "Potential" PhD in chem talking..miss ho giya..thanks for the correction bro & all the best with the alkalies and acids.

Syra said...

you wrote those amazing poesm in 60 hrs!!! no kidding! thats got to be a record!