Sunday, 22 June 2008

Blog Anniversary

It's SYRA STAR Blog Anniversary. Yay!

I extend a special thanks to Sak, Isbah, Monay, Teeba, Khany and Moi for their enthusiastic participation. Thanks to all you readers for generating healthy discussions by sharing your thoughts on the blog posts.
Hopefully, SYRA STAR will keep you engaged for another year. :) Insha'Allah. Any feedbacks, complaint, suggestions to improve the blog are most and always welcome.

To read the comments I enjoyed the most, Click Here.

I have a special title to give away :). Khany has been a keen blog reader since the early days. His diversified, deep, articulate and thought provoking comments all round the year earn him the STAR OF THE YEAR title :)

So let’s hear it for Khany. Applause!!! Cheerios!!!

And let's celebrate the anniversary with a poem from our favorite commentator, Khany himself!


Jo na jannay, beyshak na mannay
Jo pehchannay woh batlaye kyon?

Hum ney chaaha iss shiddat sey
Moutti ko seep dil sey lagaai yoon

Iss dard sey aashnaa hum na thay
Yeh dil ka roag lagaain kyon?

Dil na manna iss mantiq ko
Abb karray hai hai kyon!

Yaser tum ko kia millay ga
Chhor dou abb yeh dua-e-junoon



khany said...

congratulations SYRA STAR on completing a successful year. may you have even greater reason to celebrate in the years to follow. i am greatly honored to receive the title of STAR OF THE YEAR! thank you.

mOi said...

Oh wow ... congratos :)

Lolz @ complaints: remember its your blog =)

And awesome poem to go with the new year celebrations ... @mantiq, should be mantaq :)

**mOi now eyes syra for a treat**

Saira Andleeb said...

Congrats buddy ... so when are we cutting the cake ;) ... ???

@Khany: i love the first couplet :)
but i must tell ya, it is infact a very scientific poem ;) :) (Y)

Syra said...

Khany, Moi, Sak, Thanks :) God Bless.

Moi, that lizzy video I showed you was your treat :p. Khany's 1-5 series of poem is a treat too.

Saira, we will be cutting the cake when I have more reasons to celebrate ;).

Isbahz said...

Can't believe so much time has passed... tomorow is my blog's anniversary too.... and if we really think about it, these small bits of brainstorms have contributed a whole lot in strengthening our skepticism... :p
wish you many more years of revolution, thoughts and travelling into people's hearts, minds and souls.

Farhan Hafeez said...

Congratulations :) ....

Syra said...

"wish you many more years of revolution, thoughts and traveling into people's hearts, minds and souls." nicely put isbah. shukriya. JK

farhan,thank you too.

khany said...

@ saira,

i am curious to find out which one of my references gave away the scientific nature of the poem :) there are just too many; i know!

was it the comment on oceanography linking oyster shells to pearls? or was it the note on pain and heart anxiety? or may be it was the invocation of reason ('mantaq') that highlighted my scientific bias?

you will find, if you persist in reading my poems, that i have a fixation with the cardiac sciences. neuroscience and the memory function of the brain also finds occasional mention in my poems. although i try to keep references to the social sciences to a minimum you might be able to spot the occasional discussion of the individual with relation to society.

my apologies in advance if the science diminishes your reading pleasure. kindly bear with me and try to look past the inevitable weaknesses in my composition.

Saira Andleeb said...

@khany: im a science lover, it doesnt diminish any pleasure but it adds to it :).
when i said they are sceintific, i was complimenting you. :) Cos its my observation that your analysis and expression are very sceintific ... which btw is a qualitative trait :)

khany said...


you are a science lover!
usually people make such proclamations in hushed tones otherwise they must be prepared to be labeled as nerds or geeks.

thank you very much for your well disguised compliment :D

i have say, with respect to your observation, that i have been my most expressive on these blogs when engaged in a discussion with you. and i will remind you that you matched me for every one of my observations and analysis. in fact, in the end i had to concede that you had the better argument.

if my expression and analysis is scientific then you have to admit that your expression is uber scientific or super scientific. and since you are a self-proclaimed science fan i say it by way of a compliment :D


Saira Andleeb said...

about the proclamation, well i guess then im stupidly brave :D

"in fact, in the end i had to concede that you had the better argument" ... really :O ?!

Thank you very much for the compliments ! :) :$. Such compliments coming from a scientifically expressive mind like yours are overwhelmingly flattering for me :D


khany said...

you seem surprised.
it iss possibly because i hadn't been very explicit in admission of being undone. to jog your memory consider the second to last (19th by my count) comment on the following blog post: what is fake with in

i said it as i saw it.
if you found it flattering give yourself a pat on the back :)

Saira Andleeb said...

*saira patting herself on the back* ;)