Tuesday, 3 June 2008


Watch your eye, should it ever reveal to you the faults of others, say to it: “O my eye, other people have eyes too.” [Ahmad al Zarruq]


Farhan Hafeez said...

And the other eyes are too many :| ...

Beautiful quote :) ... makes you think :)

Syra said...

jee..many eyes but its the potentially dangerous talking tongue that needs to be tamed. :)

bilal said...

true, i heard junaid jamshed saying in one of his programmes:
"when you point the finger at someone, the rest four are pointing at you!"

PS. nice image on your blog!

teeB@ said...

well actually if v dont even reveal others faults still OTHERS find out ways... how to make them realize :P

Syra said...

@bilal, the blog image is dodo's efforts so thanks to him. Thanks for appreciating. :)

@teeba, there is always a good way of revealing a persons faults to him, such that the person doesn't feel bad and benefits from the criticisms. as u already know, faults shouldn't be exposed for purpose of ridicule.

mOi said...

Okay I'm in love with this header of urs ... *Thumbs Up*

And the quote reminds me of:

Naa thi haal ki jab humain apnay khabar

Rahay dekhtay auron kay ayb o' hunar

Parri apni burayon pay jo nazar
Tu nigah may koi burra na raha < br />

I may have messed up the verses ;)

Syra said...

wah jee wah!