Sunday, 29 June 2008

Nature 4

Such a fresh shade of green! Sweet Pink lillies
More Pink
Vinka Pinka :)
Vinka's from a distance
Presenting the exotic Hymenocallis or lets just call them spider lillies
Spider lilly for spider man :)

All these flower shots are from my garden. Marvelously, pretty flowers keep emerging without any care, attention, or sowing seeds on my part. :) Hmmm...The mystery of the secret gardener...


mOi said...

Ultimate Pinkness =))

Dodo said...

noicee, spread these flower bulbs all over the place :)

teeB@ said...

PrettY :)

Monay said...

sweet, lovely, innocent...just like SYRA :D

Syra said...

:D :$
Thanks Monay
:) :) :)

Sameer said...

Lovely ..

btw, ye title picture wali jagha kahan hai saira .. I feel like going there :p

mOi said...

Wow ... lovely :)

Pinkalicious =)

A4319 my fave most =)

Fizza Munir said...

I liked spider lilies the most...never seen them before :)

Syra said...

I wish I knew which place the title image is capturing.Sorry Sameer, nahee pata.

Moi, your expression of pinkalicious reminded me of strawberry milkshake :)

Fizza, I saw em the first time too.

khany said...

this picture is the first time i appreciated the appropriateness of 'spider' in spider lilies.

thanks for sharing.