Tuesday, 1 April 2008

How to Get Fired

About.com's Career Planning Guide: "I have the opportunity to visit many of my fellow career advice sites on the Web. Through my extensive virtual travels I have found that articles about succeeding on the job abound. But, what if you wanted to know how to get fired? Could you find an article that would tell you how to perform so poorly on the job that your employer, with a swish of his or her hand, would summarily dismiss you? I looked around and found nothing that fit the bill. So I decided to write such an article myself.

P.S. If you came here looking for advice on how to stay employed, just do the opposite of everything I tell you here. "

  • Arrive late for work
    Being on time is for wimps. Drag yourself out of bed whenever you feel like it. Stop to run an errand on your way to the office.
  • Don't forget the coffee
    No not for your boss -- for yourself! You're already late so why not stop for a cup of coffee on the way to work? Don't forget to get a muffin or a roll too (crumbs on your tie look really good).
  • Eat at your desk
    I mean your coffee and roll, not your lunch silly. Why would you want to work through lunch anyway? And take your time — you're in no hurry to start working.
  • Take a long lunch
    An hour for lunch? Are they nuts? That can't possibly be enough time to get together with an old friend and run a few more errands.
  • Make personal phone calls
    If you can't make your phone calls from the office, when else will you find the time? Don't make those calls short and sweet -- chat away.
  • Speaking of chatting...
    Let's not forget about the good old Net. You can go into a chat room any time of day, so why waste your precious personal time.
  • Send lots of email
    Use those eight hours at work to take care of all that personal email. Oh and don't forget to use your work email address.
  • Download, download, download...
    Your connection is much faster at work than on your home pc. And besides, there are some things you wouldn't want your significant other to see.
  • Make the customers/clients really mad
    There are several ways to do this. If you deal with customers in person, ignore them while you talk to your co-workers. Don't have answers to their questions. If most of your contact is by phone, keep yours busy so clients can't get through. If they bother to leave a message, don't return their phone calls.
  • Don't ever go beyond your job description
    Even when a project is down to the wire and your help is desperately needed, just remember: "It's not your job."
  • Leave work early
    Who made that five o'clock rule anyway? If you leave 15 minutes early think of how much you can get done before dinner.
  • Party hardy
    Nights are made for partying. Don't worry — you can sleep late tomorrow. After all, you do plan to get to work late, don't you?
Source: About.Com


mOi said...

Ohh kewl ... I follow them by heart ...Err..probably I should fire myself 'in advance' ;-)

Farhan Hafeez said...

Hehehe .... nice one ....

Close to getting fired :P ....

But guess what, I do my work too :) ... so not expecting it ;)

M. Hassan M. said...

Hmmm... Guess what !!! I already followed this stuff a few months back but wasn't fired ;) . They needed me but i lacked interest in that stupid job :p ( so i changed my job myself lol!!! )

Memoona Sheikh said...

practicing all this even wont get you fired if ur boss is GOOD....now syra...you r well aware of my definition of a good BOSS :P :P

so if ur BOSS is good...there is no way u can get fired....look for good BOSS not good job..and CHILLAX...... ;)

Tayyaba said...

hehe awesum ;) very motivating ;) hehe

Saira Andleeb said...

chit-chat at your colleagues desk: who cares if your fellow colleague (from another dept mostly professional service :P) have some important presentation/meeting/work (believe me PS people are free 101% of the time :P)... go to their desk and have a long chitchat. you can always engage them in something interesting, and yes dont forget to take your tea and some snack with you.

Playing games. you can play computer games on you pc and again play it on the network with your fellow colleagues. (Counter Attack was very popular at enterpriseDB).

if your eyes start aching you can go and play table tennis in your offices recreational room. what!!! you dont have a recreation room in your office :P and no table tennis ... you need to travel back in time to 2005 and switch your job to enterpriseDB once again :P

Watch movies: yes, when else are you gonna find time for them. When you go home your gonna be tired enough to jump on your bed and sleep like a baby. it pretty justified when you dont get enough time for a day nap !

believe me all these todos are not motivating ... they dont work !!!!! ... you have to change the job yourself ! :S :P


Syra said...

saira apa rox :D

Saira Andleeb said...

my comment has a few typos, hope u guys can read it well ...my eyes were aching :S

Memoona Sheikh said...

believe me PS people are free 101% of the time :P)


Syra said...

o boy! why is the PS dept under attack?

ISK said...

"Happy April fool day" :D
May you have many more :D :D.
Just in time.

Farhan Hafeez said...

OMG!!!! You are trying to play a -om mode of the game with me ... n00b's don't last long :P .... I'll start a -xl with -om and will take down all your favourite heroes in THIS game :P ..... or much better, i'll give you a chance, start -ar and even try -repick .... I bet i'll win :P ...

Happy chit-chat day :P .. with lots of gaming :P

Didn't get the time to reply yesterday ... WAS BUSY :P

P.S. Why the most important part of a message is in P.S. ... because PS is the most important one :P

Saira Andleeb said...

Farhan are you talkiing to me here ?

P.S when i mentioned PS i had in my mind my friends from PS and our chit-chats both here and back in enterpriseDB. it was not abt you :P
to clarify further,my friends from PS at:

elixir: Fahd, Faraz, Beenish.
EnterpriseDB: Haroon, Nabeel, Shoaib.
(to keep up the tradition, Nabeel and i now take our tea/snacks to eachothers office:P)

And gaming, i dont play with kids ! :P :P :P


Farhan Hafeez said...

Kids ... nice one :D ...

About Shoaib and Nabeel, they do work sometimes ... and are not always doing nothing :P ... i worked with them too :P .... PS ppl knows how to enjoy, doesn't mean they do not work :P

Saira Andleeb said...

good lord ! meray 'humor''ki dhajian ura di iss lurkay nay :P

i used sarcasm in my humor ... cant u see what i said implies i do all of that too .. chit chat etc . its called 'tanz-o-mazah' in urdu ! :P
i myself worked in PS for a whole year :P

so u got it now ??? ... no ???

i wanna cry now ... hate explaining my humor :'(

Memoona Sheikh said...

saira dear!

Never risk a joke with someone who is unable to comprehend it...:P

besides...Most jokes state a bitter truth ;)

Farhan Hafeez said...

okie .....

Like good gamers, I will like to say gg :)

Saira Andleeb said...

Farhan: i didnt understand "gg" :S

Memoona: dont worry, Farhan and i have an understanding, we were just teasing eachother :)

Farhan Hafeez said...

From wiki:

# Good game (gg), internet slang that may be used at the end of a close game or match as a sign of good sportsmanship, signaling that it was a good competition.