Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Why does furniture polish have real lemons but food has artificial lemon flavor?

Have you ever wondered why food products have artificial Lemon flavor and furniture polish has real lemons?

When people inhale the first smoke from a cigarette they get dizzy, light headed and feel nauseous but they keep puffing thinking, oh I'll get used to it. But, if they taste food that makes them dizzy, light headed and nauseous they think, oh this food is bad I'm not going to eat it.

When people witness a car accident on icy roads they think, oh the road is slippery over there so I'll use the other lane. When people are at a funeral of someone who has died of disease due to a bad diet they eat the same kind of bad food with the family after the funeral.

Nobody would let a 10-year-old smoke cigarettes because it's going to harm their health but we feed processed foods, sugar, and junk food loaded with chemicals that will harm their health.

We put our babies in car seats because we want to protect them and of course it's the law. Then we feed them foods with synthetics and chemicals.

Grocery stores do not have food, they have products to make food.

If grocery stores have isles labeled Health Food, does this mean all the other food is un-health food or death food?

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Source: Whole Food and More

Here is one of my own : It's funny how some of my friends who are on a fitness diet and craving to lose weight consciously order a double beef cheese burger or a sizzling meaty steak or a lasagne with a DIET COKE. Nevermind all the meat, the diet drink will surely compensate for the fatty calories.


mOi said...

Err .. never thought on these lines =))

But hey on conclusive note ... I always wonder the same ;-)

ISK said...

But i have heard that you can eat anything but anything once a week if you are haveing a balance and healthy diet rest of the days. Believe me it works.

Syra said...

acha, if thats true then that's a sound of relief for the diet conscious folks.
seeing my friends often order a HEAVY meal with a DIET drink (bcoz they are on a diet control) seems funny to me =).

khany said...

"you can eat anything but anything once a week" <--- wonder if it works for poison!

ISK said...

@KANY yes i never triend it, may be you could give it a try :D :D :D

But I am sure that you will survive another day to take poison again as it will have artificial ingredients in it. :D :D :D

ISK said...

correction "never tried"

Farhan Hafeez said...

Wesay DIET COKE thingy totally fits on me :|

Saira Andleeb said...

@Khany: to me its so relative. It depends what is poison(ous) to you in a certain point in time. Reminds me of the time when i was 9-10 years old. I did something my parents didnt approve of and resultantly i got some heavy spanking ( :D ). I decided to commit suicide and drank some floor cleaning chemical that i always thought was extremely poisonous (cos i was told so). And to my disappointment i survived !!! ... to yet get more whipping ! :)

i believe most of us are always taking something poisonous atleast once a week ... we have just learnt to like/survive it ! :)

@Farhan: its ok, you can laugh at my suicide story :P ... "masti" is "OK" here. :P :)

Syra said...


spanking and whipping!!!!!

i can visualize a little saira talking in the head.."hmm..why am i not dying"

what does it taste like? :p

when i was little i was tempted to take a big yummy bite of soap..the way it was packed, the color n all..haha..looked liked some sweet version of chocolate..and phewwwwwwwwwwwwww it tasted horrible...karwa!

khany said...

good point saira. sometimes its the dosage that makes something poisonous. take a teaspoon of medicine and its a potential cure; take a bottleful instead and it could kill you (it seems cleaning chemicals are not quite as effective).

regarding lemons. it may be that that real lemons end up in polish because the furniture's palate is not as discriminating as a man's.
my guess is it has to do something with maximizing profits.

Syra said...

@khany: I think lemon is an ingredient in dish washing detergents, polishes etc because of its claimed "give shine" capabilities.
I am unable to relate it to profit maximization. Please explain :)

@Farhan: don't tell me you are on a diet!! play some sportsssss instead :)

@Saira: kesa taste tha? :)

khany said...

maximizing profits: people are probably willing to pay more for real lemons in furniture polish than they are for real lemons in food. corporations exploit this potential to the limit.

just as people are drawn to 'natural/organic' ingredients in shampoos like 'amla, ritha, seeka kai...' while they have no compunctions about ingesting large quantities of cheap synthetic and processed foods (sodas, candies, etc.)

our concern with 'beauty' and 'health' seems only skin deep. thus we are willing to pay more for products that 'directly' effect appearance (shampoo, skincare products, furniture polish, etc.) while we ignore and cheapen out when concerned with factors that have more permanent and longterm but less direct effects (our daily diet, the environmental cost of our furniture, etc.)

bilal farooq said...

@all: i've principally decided to have healthy food, i've been able to implement it to some extent; atleast when it comes to having juice, only fresh juice!!!

Saira Andleeb said...

@Bilal: a little bit of poison is good too to feed the 'Yang' side of us ! :P
i mean i had nehari at my neighbors yesterday and got sick :S

apart from that, i (strictly) take a low carb diet and it not only keeps the fat away but keeps me fresh too :)

Saira Andleeb said...

saira maina naak bund kur kay peeya tha ... :P

Farhan Hafeez said...

@All: start taking organic food :) .. I was judging business plans last week and there was one "Restaurant of Organic Food" .. supposed to be healthy .. but not available in Pakistan :D :D :D ...

So, they were importing it from India/Australia for their business plan .. ;) .... plan was not good wesay, implementation wise ...

Farhan Hafeez said...

@Saira: Sorry, can't laugh on a suicide attempt ... and i also don't call such things "masti" :) you still did not got what i meant when i use word "masti" :(

Saira Andleeb said...

@farhan: sorry to disappoint you :S


Syra said...

Which university won the business plan competition? and what was the idea presented?
Did you participate last year? If yes, what was your business idea?

Farhan Hafeez said...

No i didn't participated last year ... but i judged this year .. but only on day 1 ... not sure about the exact result because was judging speed programming on day 2... but heard that first 3 positions went to LUMS, FAST Isb, and NIMS ... not sure in what order and also not sure about the idea .. there were multiple teams from all of these universities .... will ask someone ISA and then post it :)

Farhan Hafeez said...

Here are the results, a little different than i heard the first time ... :)

1st Position -- LUMS; Rest in Peace Funerals
2nd Position -- FAST Isb; Never Lost in Islamabad
3rd Position -- LUMS; Float Royale

To be very honest, the 1st position holders does not have a very good idea ... i don't know why they are first ... the only good thing was that they were good communicators which i personally think should not be the only focus for a Business Plan competition .... :|

But they won...

Farhan Hafeez said...

Oh ... the idea for 1st position was:

A funeral service, if someone from your family dies, just give us a call, we will take care of everything like burial, chelum, barsi, etc. So, that you can weep with your other family members ...

You all have the right to disagree .. but i guess there were better ideas there ... :)

Syra said...

funeral service!...that's a good idea..we need one of those here in isb...not having to worry abt the funeral arrangements at time of grief when you are strongly feeling the loss of a near one is a huge burden off! great idea. I think the CDA takes care of it at present.

I agree, good communication skills should not be the only criteria in a business plan competition. But you are unlikely to win if you can't express the idea well..even if your idea is extraordinary.

At out time, the weights were smartly distributed. The first round was the 'pitch' round. where we had to pitch our idea in less than a minute. So basically, teams with good ideas only moved forward ..and those teams who made through were further judged on communications skills, confidence etc etc