Wednesday, 14 November 2007

No room for empty chairs

Alas, my office timings resume to 9am - 6pm from 8am - 5pm.The change in timings was levied on a particular few, but now the timings have been restored. Once again it feels good to walk into a bright corridor filled by people instead of walking into a dull room full of empty chairs.The sound of the floor being mobbed and desks being cleaned is replaced by folks conversing at a distance, and sharing some humour over a cup of tea. It feels good to meet colleagues on the way and greet them and hear a w'salam in return instead of passing by empty cabins. It also makes me think that every morning I greet certain people who are familiar faces but mere strangers.Apart from the daily exchange of salam, we barely ever converse and know nothing about each other.I don't even know the names of most. But they have a place in my life.They are a part of my morning routine. They fill in the empty chairs .
Here walks in Tayyaba with her full of life, cheerful melodious salam, and here walks in my boss so I end the post and prepare to get cracking with work.


Hafsah said...

nice work,,,indeed when u get used to a matter bas or good,,,,u simply get used to it.....and if the routine is a good one then its a blessing

Syra said...

Sometimes changes make you reflect upon things you tend to take for granted. Instead of make a bad routine a norm one should break it.

teeB@ said...

well, i wrote alot wid deep feelings n it cleared away with an error....cudnt write the same thing again....but yeah

my best day is when im greeted with a Sweet SyraStar Signature Smile and empty chair of my boss.It really makes me feel good n refreshes my mood.

Allah bless my neighbours!!! Ameen!