Thursday, 1 November 2007

Dua--The Steering Wheel

I received an SMS which said:

Dua is not the "
spare tyre" we pull out when we feel life has gone flat. Dua is the "steering wheel" that helps direct our life in the right path! Keep Praying

Source: Unknown


Sameer said...

Our Islamic Studies teacher in college used to tell us that we should put in effort while praying. I agree with what he said. We should all try and spend as much time as we can while praying. God bless us all.

Syra said...

Etiquette for making duas

khany said...

appreciate the recommendation in the quote. thank you. i tried to locate its source but the search turned up some disconcerting results. the same quote can be found with the word 'dua' replaced with 'friend' in one place! could you cite this quotation? jazakallah khair.

Syra said...

consider it anonymous =)
i re-edited the post.