Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Pakistan Zindabaad

Dear Pakistanies,
Haaaapppppppyyyy Independence Daaaayyy!!!
Well today we are celebrating Independence....are we? I am :)
Green is the color today and as usual there has been alot of activities,illuminations and fireworks and kiddies buying flags to put atop their houses and bicycles. I have got something to say here;Why is that the poor and underprivileged are always more enthusiastic about celebrating 14th August than those who have the best of everything our country has to offer. Flags can be seen on tongas, small shops, taxis, buses, and even on small congested housing areas but hardly ever from the big and luxurious vehicles and houses. WHYYY????
But chalo, atleast most of the ppl are in celebrating mood and can afford to buy a flag to express their feelings.We need to have this outpouring of patrioatism once in a while to boost up our spirits and remember the sacrifices made by all those who gave us OUR OWN COUNTRY.


@sm@ said...

Ameeen to the wishes and prayers :)

Ethereal said...

"Right. I also understand that you were decorated on Corellia for conspicuous gallantry. This entitles you to wear the Corellian Bloodstripes. Yet you don't. why?"
Donos took a while to answer. "It just seems a bit silly, sir. I could also wear a sign saying 'I'm a wonderful person and I give money to the needy.' What's the point?"
-Star Wars: Wraith Squadron

This may sound pessimistic but it is relevant.

Syra said...

hmm...ethereal,if we think on such terms then why even highlight such days?why even celebrate them? why even mark them on the calendar?
wrong way to think no?
what feelings if not expressed???:)
the other day i was watching this show on geo...the host was wandering in the posh most markets in lahore...and it was such a shock 80% didn't know the significance of 27th Rajab!!!
everybody knew abt halloween and valentines day!!!! they are celebrated weeks ahead...but when it comes to religous(Islamic) or national days..it's a sorry n sad picture..where is our nation heading?
in my school the corridors were celebrated with heart shaped ballons etc on valentines day..but no jhandian on pak day..imp hee nahee dee kabhie..no wonder the lack of jazba.

Wraith Child said...

well i think everybody has a right to choose... But i think you should be proud in a good way of who you are n from where you come from...

Syra said...

jee bilqul :)
while everybody is busy imitating the west we NEED to be reminded where we come from.

Ethereal said...

So, anybody know the name of this Pakistani who was the Secretary General of UN?

mOi said...

ethereal, I dont think any Pakistani made it to the Secretary General of UN's post. Its more of a diplomatic and political chair.

But yes as President of General Assembly and International Court of Justice's Judge, Sir zafarullah Khan was appointed. He was teh first foreign minister of Pakistan too.

Ethereal said...

Exactly! A couple of weeks ago my dad told me in one of his you-know-what sort of way that during the British rule there were only 6 ministers (the cabinet) for the whole of Sub-continent and they use to run things highly efficiently. The only muslim among the cabinet was Sir Zafarulla Khan (Minister of Railways) and the credit for introduction of air-conditioned carriages goes to him. So like I get curious and last week did some searching and researching and here's what I came up with:

- Sir Zafarulla Khan was a lawyer by profession.
- He was president of Muslim League when Quaid-e-Azam dejectedly left sub-continent for England in the late 20's.
- He, of course, was the railway minister in a cabinet of 6.
- Was the Chief Justice of sub-continent.
- Drafted the original document of independence (1940).
- Appointed by Quaid-e-Azam to represent Pakistan before the Radcliffe boundary commission.
- Appointed by Quaid-e-Azam as the first foreign minister of Pakistan. Served for about 8 years straight.
- Pleaded Pakistan's stance on Kashmir in the UN after which Kashmir resolution was passed.
- The Arabs chose him to defend the Palestinians' cause in the UN.
- Secretary General UN (thanks for the correction mOi) and Judge International Court of Justice.

And the last but certainly not the least (for which now I truly respect him):
- He lived a very modest life where most of his income would be spent as scholarships for students who couldn't afford the expenses of higher studies (Keep in mind he's the judge of International Court of Justice, etc etc).

I mean, like, this guy is important. Why the heck most of us don't know about him and what he did for Pakistan (and Arabs)?

There's also this deja vu feeling about Imran Khan when his clip of lifting the 1992 world cup would be cut out every time that video would run on PTV in Nawaz Sharif era.

Lastly, this isn't just the (sick!) mentality of Pakistani high-ups. I saw edited pictures of Stalin and Mao Ze Tung in which they've altogether removed pictures of some officers who feel out of favour with them.[1]