Saturday, 4 August 2007


Earlier today I watched the movie NEXT. There was a dialogue in the movie that struck to me

"Here is the thing about the future,every time you look at it, it changes, because you look at it, and that changes everything"


ali said...

so true...dat movie is my must see list :)

khany said...

interesting dialouge indeed. i was thinking, it is not only the future that changes upon our witnessing it. everytime we reflect on the past we have the potential to change it too. a lesson learnt from experience that shapes our actions today changes how we appreciate our past. and what is the past if not our appreciation of its relevence for the future?

Syra said...

(Y), kudos to you for this thought.

Ethereal said...

"He who controls the past commands the future.
He who commands the future conquers the past."
-Kane from Red Alert

Doesn't make any sense but sounds cool :)

Syra said...

wicked (Y)