Thursday, 16 August 2007

Farwell..Binish Apa & Sundus



sorry sorry

just kidding

was just fooling around for old times sake :)

Sundus Jasmin :p I mean Sundus Yasmin (in the frame above)

hmmmmm..I have known her for over a year now..I vividly remember the first time I met her,she was with her best friend Nausheen, and both of them did a good job confusing me with their names :D...and for quiet some time I have been calling sundus-->nausheen and nausheen-->sundus...both of them would ask me to name them whenever we crossed ways at work..,and both even explained me the meaning of their names in hope of resolving the confusion but it didn't work because the meanings matched :D Just their luck :)

but finally I got the names right, thanks to maira(Office Coordinator) who put me in Sundus's Van and we became van fellows too.I got to know sundus more and her hillarious comments along with Binish Apa's jokes made our daily journey back home enjoyable.

When I joined Elixir, Binish Apa's warm personality made me feel at home. She was the first one to befriend me and welcome me into the Elixir family. Unprofessional as it may sound, I call her Binish "Apa" because of her sisterly traits :), she was always making sure I was comfortable with my work, the food, the surrounding and everything.I will always remember her kindness and her helping nature.

While I call binish, binish Apa, Sundus-the witty calls her Baby Binish :D

o i must say Binish Apa's spectacles frame simply Rocks!!! and adds to her unique style..I am a fan of her trousers collection...and it was on her farmaish I got hold of those stylish jeans ;)

One never gets bored with Binish Apa and Sundus around. They have the funniest of incidents to narrate and endless amusing stories. We, Elixirites will surely miss their charm and company.

I will always remember them with the fondest of memories and I wish them all the happiness and success in the world.

Sundus & Binish Apa, all the best to you for your future endevours.

May the forces be with you.



MONAY said...

dearest and lovliest sundus & Binish:
I wish you farewell,
To new and better things,
No matter how hard it is,
Never give it up.
Reach for what you want,
And you'll soar into the sky.
So long, I bid you a farewell,
No matter how hard it may be to let you go.
I'll see you again,
whether you come to visit or it's in my memories.
Never forget those who love you,
for they are always there for you.
I'm here for you.
I wish you a farewell,
To a new and more exciting adventure.
Although there will be hard times,
Forget them and remember the good ones
You had here with your family and friends.
I'll love you always.


Nausheen said...

I (aka Nausheen)... will also heartily miss Sundas and Binish. May both of you have a great time at your respective universities and may Allah always bless you and everyone you love.

Saira, well written farewell....

Syra said...

thank u sundus
i mean nausheen

@sM@ said...

binish apa WAS tu nahi hain :P

dundooooo !

hadi said...

just like QZ is IZ's front door neighbour.....Sundas is mine (almost front door).....
from my seat i could always c her, through tht space between the separator....gigling, talking, taking pics...

and sundas once said she never saw me smiling....
so i say opposite abt binish.....i never saw her not smiling :P

Two things i will never forget abt n heels ;)

Lots of prayers 4 both of u..

teeB@ said...

I wanted you to have some kind of written appreciation of what our association means to me before we depart and thnx to Syra* she arranged a space for


Best of luck to both of U.... b da brightest stars and stay healthy :D

Always remember :: Nothing makes the earth seem so spacious as to have friends at a distance; they make the latitudes and longitudes.

Keep in touch and best wishes to all your family for the future.

Lots of love,

P.S.(sundhuz) Most importantly...thnx for being a good although mischievous and malicious bug :P but still cute noisy active jolly loud and sweet

colleague/friend !!!