Thursday, 23 August 2007

Just Be You

The article Don't Worry, Be You imparts a significant message:
"...........Just be you. You are good enough. In the long run, any success you achieve, if you don't act like yourself, won't seem real anyway. You will just feel like an imposter or a phony.........
............If you have an idea that sounds good to you, go for it. Just be you. Do what is in your heart. You may fail, but at least you will have tried. Don't waste your life worrying too much about being normal. Lots of people are normal. It is more fun to be different. Just be you......."


abyss of sins said...

nice thought!

khany said...

this advice is so confusing. i appreciate the that one should not imitate another blindly. but what does 'being yourself' mean beyond this?

should i be 'me' like i wanted to be when she looked at me? or should i be 'me' like when i am in the company of none save me. don't even ask 4 years a go who i wanted to be.

my mind tells me that my spirit is in a quandary. what if i am not happy with who i happen to be? may be i am crooked, benighted and mean.

sure, it might be a struggle trying not be me. but there a hundred better persons i could choose to be. should i not then imitate even if they call me phony?

Syra said...

be "you" like you want to be..straight from the heart
if imitating others gives u peace, then that is YOU, be that :)

Syra said...;jsessionid=090D09D2D6C83EF076B567C378AD14C2?action=all&style=wide&productId=20681&productCode=spec