Thursday, 3 January 2008

We love KFC

Yang's mighty zinger

Pong's Zinger extreme

Ping settled for fries only

Yin's not so chicky meal for a change


SairaA said...



teeB@ said...

KFC always make me smile :)

Happy Moments!!!

SairaA said...

and seeing mighty zinger made me feel the way seeing JD feelsss ...


MONAY said...

hehehehe....MIGHTY ZINGER simply rox ;(

by the way if we continue loving KFC the way we r....our future is very clear :P :P :P

teeB@ said...

my present is ur future!!! :P

Syra said...

JD won't be happy to know that he is being compared to a burger :p

no worries abt kfc diet, just keep hitting the gym :)