Saturday, 26 January 2008

Chilled Punch with Garam Garam sabzi wala nan

Islooites, you got to try out this drink at Crunchies Juice Shop in Jinnah Market Gol Chakar. It's the fruit punch. With every sip you get to taste a different flavor varying from apple, pineapple, pomogranate, cheeko, gauava, orange and other seasonal fruits. It's chilled, nourishing and refreshing. Try it out. My brother relates it to the multi flavoured beans from Harry Potter =). The taste keeps changing to different flavors, and you keep guessing whats next.
Also the garam garam sabzi wala nan straight from the tandoor from the nan shop behind Shaheen chemist in Super market is yummy and worth a try.


teeB@ said...

thts our next destination in coming week :P

JT said...

yum yum .. i had it already but i suggest to hit straight to the gym to make up for the extra fat b4 it gets on the tummy :P ... since we IT ppl are notorious for our sitting habits @ home

mOi said...

Oh wow smoothies and punch all in one =))

Multi-Processing by the juice-wala ... waah waah!!