Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Scientists use monkey's brain signals to control robot

Computer World: Scientists in the U.S. and Japan have successfully used a monkey's brain activity to control a humanoid robot over the Internet. This research may only be a few years away from helping paralyzed people walk again by enabling them to use their thoughts to control exoskeletons attached to their bodies.
The brains signals of the monkey were transmitted over the internet and fed into a humanoid robot that immediately began to respond to the monkey's brain activity -- walking at the same pace, slowing down when the monkey slowed, and changing its walking pattern to exactly match the animal's. Read More

This research reminds me of a cute movie; Ratatouille in which a rat controls a humans action by pulling his hair and helps him make the delicious of dishes.


JT said...

May be after release of Ratatoullie .. a blog would have come in the land of Rats that " Amazing Dicscovery .. Rat Scientists have discovered that Humans can be controlled by specific movements of their Hair Tips on the head top center " :P ... makes me bite my nails :O

mOi said...

Oh my my my My my =)

Time's changing fast - so should we hope for human cloned monkeys too!

Ratatouille looks awesome...!

Shahrukh said...

this means that paralyzed humans will scratch like monkeys :p hahaha
Ratatouille is a good movie.