Thursday, 18 October 2007

Tee-M - Suji Ka Halwa

Inspired by his mom's cooking, Tariq Mirza(Tee-M) came up with this song.It has the feel of nursery rhyme meets folk meets country meets pop meets fusion meets all sorts of other things I know nothing about. I dedicate it to KhanyStar who is a huge fan of his mom.Well, aren't we all.Moms are the best =)


khany said...

these guys dress way too cool to be singing this song!
and the 'aao aao aao' sounds more like a cry of pain. no really it does.
i also used to be a big fan of ammi's suji ka halwa (the hard crusty variety) but i haven't had a taste of it in many years.

Syra said...

i am not a fan of suji ka halwa..(big fan of my mama nevertheless =))just have it once in a year on eid mornings =)..i like chanay kee daal ka halwa though...the song is sweet.