Thursday, 11 October 2007

More Random Pics

I transferred pictures to my pc again. Here are the one's I picked to share.Happy viewing.

Caught red-handed, muHahaHa. Teeba is pretending to work. =)
Deeply involved in playing milkshake

Tazeen made me lasagne

Look at the pearl drops at the bottom of the needle like leaves

Ramadan Full Moon

Ramadan Moon-before iftari time during early Ramadan days

A Falcon up the sky


@sM@ said...

yah muhtarma teeebz is doing this all the time ... teeeboo very bad :P

Lasagne looks so yummy, uff syra subah subah :|

The last pic with falcon is the loveliest ... such beautiful colors on sky and then the flight of bird ... awesome.

Anonymous said...

O Syreeeeee this is soooooo flattering you are the sweetest :) thanks a mill..

teeB@ said...

Well actually i dont do this all the tym....its just when work burden is on its peak....i revive my concentration thru some amusing brain therapies......

well Syra wont leave u for this....this is supposed to b confidential....COMPANY RIGHTS RESERVED....!!!

Afterall ppl lyk me get inspired by those Google Offices :D

Saira said...

teeba koi haal nahin tumhara :P

tazeeennnnn lasagne looks YUMMMMMYYYYY !!!! i want the recipe ... mail it to me or something ... juldiiiiiiiiii

Anonymous said...

Thanks sweetie :) recipe is on its way ...Tazeen

Ethereal said...

Lasagna video recipe:[1]