Monday, 17 September 2007

Random snap shots from here and there

Here are a few interesting pics I took. Happy viewing :)

Tazeen is showing golo molo's pic

Tazeen is showing chothu's pic

This cute little friend of mine was sharing her school experience with me. Mean girls in her school would pick up verbal fights with her just for the fun of it. So she tells me in such a daring way "Saira baji,in response i do this, I turn my head back, raise my hand towards them and say 'Talk to the hand!!!!!!!!!'" In the pic: Zunaira says "TALK TO THE HAND" :p.

Happy Belated birthday to Teeba. That's her birthday cake. Icing done by Saira Andleeb, Idea originated from Isbahstar's classy mind. Btw, why is she holding a danda? :)

For Shahrukh and the rest: I saw this movie during my childhood, in which this gypsy lady gives a poor arabian boy a peach kee gutlee. When he puts it in his palm, closes and then opens it,it would turn into a jewel. As a kid, i used to mimic that, hoping my aaro kee gultee would turn into a jewel. A few weeks back I was doing the same :)

For Sundus-the cat lover, and the rest: that's my pet kitten, "palto" on my dad's arm.

For Usman, who loves dogs, and the rest. In the pic: Jerry, the most well mannered doggie I have ever seen.On the left: Jerry's toy which is a replica of him :)

Next three pics are for Sameer, who is a huge admirer of nature like myself, and the rest. In the pic below:The clouds right above my house, just before a heavy shower

The margalla hills can't be viewed because of the fog! (A beautiful view from my office window on regular days).

Check out the trees bending due to the strong breeze. The wind was whistling spooky style that day.


ali said...

nice nice...
so cuteeeeeeeeeee dogiee
yeh hai kiska?

Syra said...

jerry is shahrukh's friends pet doggie.

Syra said...

shahrukh is my younger brother

teeB@ said...

1st pic.....ur shoooo cute!!!

2nd pic....Zunaira looks the same lil mischievious kid!!!

4th pic...LOLzzz my cake had oder misunderstood concepts hidden in it...the black sunglasses???
n the DANDA thingy is wat isbahSHEEP always calls me :P
it was really cute!!!

the rest of the pics r awesome too!!!

Isbahz said...
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Isbahz said...

OMG all the pics r so cute... thanx for sharing.. and @ teeb@, aka Jamia Hafza (hint hint!!)... my mischievious mind has many plans for u... just cant stop thinkin....!!! :D

teeB@ said...

n i cannot stop myself from calling isBAAAAAAH Da Crazy SHEEP!!!


Isbahz said...

you will be sorry! :@

teeB@ said...

isBAAAAAH r u saying this to my cute lil cuddly neighbour??? :O

Syra said...

gals gals
chill it :)

Isbahz said...

we are just a lil intense.. daro nahi.. she is fasting and i am sick today! :p

teeB@ said...


very sick/sikh i must say!!!

Syra said...

no dar shar :p
fasting--all more the reason to be in a light mood
sick--Get well soon :p
btw thanx 2 all for liking chothu and golo mulu :)

Sundas said...

OMG!!! The kitty's sooooooooooo cute!!!! reminds me of doggy...:(

But honestly, the cake was the best part!!!!!!! Pure Genius!! I actually thought of that once too, u know...:P :D

Great minds think alike... :P