Saturday, 30 June 2007

My dog ate my homework

I was walking through a crowd of students,making my way to the girls room, dodging ping pong balls bouncing at my steps, table tennis was being hyperly played nearby. In the shor sharaba I heard a voice calling me.It was one of my juniors carrying crumbled sheets and a very humble look. He handed me the sheets which happened to be his numerical analysis assignment that was due a week ago. The deadline was far gone. Not only that, the late due date had crossed as well.
He insisted I(TA of the subject back then, 2005) accept it for grading and that he was already doing poorly in the subject and couldn't afford losing any marks.I took my folder out and checked the gradesheet.Indeed he wasn't doing well in the subject.
I happened to be in a naughty mood, so I told him that I would consider his assignment for grading if he can come up with a good excuse within two minutes.He stood still,thought for a while scratched his head and then cheekily said "Saira baji, I was at my friends last week, we did this assignment together. We left for dinner, meanwhile the safayee walee (maid) cleaned up the room, and she put my assignment in my friends younger brother's bag and it took me a week to figure out the mystery of my missing assignment and to recover it"
Both of us bursted out laughing.I took his assignment and asked him the real reason for not handing in the assignment in time. So he told me that he was overloaded with projects and other assignments and wasn't able to manage it in time.


Sana said...

yeh I rem it :) was really funny!!

Shahrukh said...

hahhaha hummm i mite use the same excuse in the future.....