Tuesday, 16 December 2008


He finally did it. Now Rruuuuuun!!!

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This image reminded me of this one time, rather two times, I got chased by a dog. Both the incidents occurred in quick successions. I was around 11 years old wandering on the hill tops of Azad Kashmir during summer vacations. The first time I was leading my gang, jumping and humming away and all of a sudden, out of no where a wild stray white/ yellowish labore dog pounced off an intersection. Since I was the speedy me, I was quite ahead of my cousins in the walk. Being the nearest victim I was the target of attack. Gulp! So I ran, and I ran. I ran for my life towards my cousins. I ran my heart out, and that is one feeling I clearly remember. It felt as if my heart was in my mouth beating a zillion times a second. Thank God I didn't run in the opposite direction. The dog got scared of the crowd of my cousins and retreated.

The other time was perhaps a week after my first encounter. Just my luck! I was playing in a yard at one of our relatives place. On a corner, lied a big brown bushy dog. He looked extremely sad to me so I wanted to pat him to cheer him up. I tip toed towards him. When I was almost 4 meters away he got up and sat so I stopped. Ah, his big black poor sad eyes looking at me deeply. I took a step or two and extended my hand towards the dogee. The big black sad eyes became ferocious scary large eyes. This time I screamed first and sprinted like crazy again. My cousin and my brother were playing cricket in the lawn near by. My cousin took charge of the situation. It was his pet.



Farhan Hafeez said...

Lolz .... Masti :P

Sana said...

:D..reminded me of a similar incidence of my childhood

Syra said...

reminds me when u got chased by a cow :D :D

Syra said...

Farhan, SAK is going to spank u if you use the word "masti" again :p