Friday, 26 September 2008

I love Jalebi

I have never seen a jallebi that big a size! But I love em thin and crisp freshly fried.

Source : The Big Picture


mOi said...

oooh man, thats a jalebi or what o_O

Me loves them too thin, crisp and brown from frying - not the color =)

Wicked to post such droolicious pics during fast =P

Anonymous said...

yup .. i Luv em thin small crispy and less "Orange" .. this one i wud give to my bestest enemy for Aftaar ...:)

pst..comments on the hygenic condition of this very jalebi are saved due to sensor issues

Syra said...

sorry moi, it didn't cross my mind that the snap would upset ppl's fast. :$ i am amazed by it's size :)

Saira Andleeb said...

I love jalebi with doodh !!!

ok im hungry now :(

Monay said...

yummm :P