Monday, 6 February 2012

Courteous or Hypocrite?

If I don't like you and yet I behave nicely, does that make me courteous or a hypocrite?


Saira Andleeb said...

You're a hypocrite if you keep bad mouthing me and backbiting against me to others in my absence. If you dont do that you are for sure courteous.

Shereena said...

you're just being courteous and just can't afford to turn down a person by simple reason of not liking him/her.

Syra said...

@Saira Andleeb - good point :)

@Shereena - let me rephrase 'If I don't like you and yet I behave nicely even though I can turn you down and I have nothing to lose, does that make me courteous or a hypocrite?

Khurram Mobin said...

It depends on you as well that how you would treat each individual.. But being courteous shouldn't make much a bigger problem. Instead we should be aware of our limits though while talking to others..:)

neeraj.p. said...

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Lorraine said...

It makes you courteous. Treat others as you wish to be treated even if someone doesn't like you.

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Silvans said...

I wrote a post about this. I'd have to say the you are[or me, too] "socially acceptable" if, yes, you're not a badmouth behind back.