Thursday, 10 December 2009

On Life and Death

"Death cannot be justified by reasons, it is God's will; but life can be justified by the choices you make. You can either die a victim of terrorism, or you can give your life fighting it and saving the future"
~Isbah Zulfiqar


ISK said...

“Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live.” Unknown.

Unfortunately we are living this way.

AK said...

I think we really need to recognize our real Enemies and we have to realize that the Nemesis is extremely cruel, wicked and Evil that we can no longer afford to stay on the wrong side of battlefield, otherwise we'll perish(and not only in this world).

Isbahz said...

Omegosh! i just checked this... thanks star...

@AK: Its painful to see the amount of bad moral choices that we are becoming to get acquainted with in the want of a better life. I hope that starting with ourselves, we choose to fight - in our own capacity, by pen, by sword, by our actions... even if it is not enough today, it will be in the days to come.

AK said...

Surely, believers are at the highest levels of making best moral choices, when they fight against the wicked forces of evil and gross injustices.

Believers strive in the way of their Lord, not only for the great reward that comes as a MUCH better and eternal life, but also for gaining approval in sight of their Lord.
Whereas, Evil forces (and their accomplices) strive only for the brief pleasures of this worldly life and they make gross injustices by killing innocent civilians and by butchering women and children.

It's a pity that some people do not like to view organized holocaust (on pretext of weapons of mass destruction that never existed) of more than Half a Million Iraqi civilians (that's 500,000+ Murders) by invading butchers, as a 'bad moral choice'.

Attique said...

If you like it here's a high quality version:

"In Uthenera"
Haharen na melana sahlin
emma ir abelas
souver'inan isala hamin
uhenan him dor'felas
in uthenera na revas

vir sulahn'nehn
vir dirthera
vir samahl la numin
vir lath sa'vunin

Translation from elven tongue:
Elder your time is come
now I am filled with sorrow
weary eyes need resting
heart has become grey and slow
in waking sleep is freedom

we sing, rejoice
we tell the tales
we laugh and cry
we love one more day