Saturday, 14 March 2009

The Mysterious Envelope

One fine morning in late 2007 a mysterious, creative envelope addressed to me, landed on my office desk. Inside was a pretty bracelet. I was most pleasantly surprised.

It read


Remember the girl from the village,
Remember the girl from the town,
Remember the gal who spoiled this ugly elixir envelope
By writing UPSIDE DOWN :)

Happy Birthday, may you have a wicked life full of blogs,fans and a prince in shining armour ;)

On the corner it said P.S Guess Who! :p

By far the most interesting envelope and unique birthday wish addressed to me.


Saadia said...

interesting :) :)
but you didnt tell who was he/she?

mOi said...

SAK, Isbah or Dundas..

Take ur pick now ;)

Saira Andleeb said...

it wasnt me! the handwriting doesn't look like isbah's ... i think it was Tayyaba? it seems like Tayyaba! ... ???

Saira Andleeb said...

but the "prince in shining armour" could only be isbah ... but im confused :S ... :P

Isbahz said...

lol sak.. how come 'prince in shining armour' is me? i thought wicked was more relevant. :p

Saira Andleeb said...

many people use wicked ... but you are the only one who uses "prince in shining armour" the most ... thats how :P

but then aisee mysterious herkatain Teeba zyada kerti hai! ... so dont know ...

teeB@ said...

LOLZzzz that is tooooo funny :D :P

See SAndy. relates me to every such activity.... but im soooo innocent -ANGEL-

I accept i played a role in this mysterious event through my acting talent :P but seriously its not Me now who did this... thou i know who it was :P
SAndy keep guessing.... ;)

Syra said...

good guessing jee :)
Isbah's creative mind was behind this one! :)