Friday, 27 February 2009

Bonds from heaven

...Really important meetings are planned by the souls long before the bodies see each other....
~Paulo Coelho

Believe it or not :)


khany said...

i can agree with an edited version of the statement

... all meetings are planned long before the bodies see each other ...


Saira Andleeb said...

I believe it :P ... :)

Emerald said...

One more thing... I also believe that life has happened before and and what we live in is just a re-rolling of that tape... and so everything is already planned... and hence yeah its true :o)

Farhan Hafeez said...

If its really true, whats the mess all about then :P ...

I totally think that much bigger plans are made in heavens, and we all try to make our own but ends up acting on those :) ... and i believe that what we end up with are better ...

Emerald's theory is strange :S ... can't agree with it... :)

Ali Dar said...

@Farhan... O right, Now I get it all, Everything is making sense now. So it was planned in heaven that we will be rejected for Eramsus Mundus. So is better coming our way? Are we going to Standford, MIT or UC Berkley? Or maybe I will turn into Britney Spears?

Farhan Hafeez said...

Yes, you got it right; and I think Britney Spears :P

@Rejection - Yes, I do believe that it was for our good or at least my good ... as you're the future Britney, and I am expecting/hoping for *a little* better that this :P

P.S. To be very honest, I'm tension free with EM decision :) .... its all part of the plan ;)

Ali Dar said...

I know my friend, and I agree with you too. I was just playing around with you. These kind of things hardly ever affect me.... You don't seem to know me yet :) Besides I wasn't even expecting to get in, though I still don't mind turning into Britney Spears :P.

I know what whatever happens is for better. I can think of number of occasions. Especially the rejection from Army and I thought what would I do now. But that took me to a far far better place.

Farhan Hafeez said...

I know man, I was just trying to be nice :P ... and trying to visualize future Britney Spears :P

Syra said...

Asalamaleikum Friends,

I agree to Khany's edited version i.e meetings are planned by our All-knowing + All Wise Allah...and not by the souls.

The feeling I got from the original quote was that with certain people we feel a special familiar-ness and connection even though we just got to know\met them. (Here I mean the personality, not the appearance) So it feels like we know them already...i term it as a heavenly bond i.e the souls have already met in heaven. Reminds me of lyrics from one of my favourite songs

"Dil ho howa yakeen
Hum Pehlay bhee milay kaheen
Silsila yeh chahat ka
Koi Ajj kee baat Naheen"


Coming to Ali's and Farhan's discussion. Event's unfold in our lives according to Allah's plan for us. As believers we have faith that there is mercy, wisdom and compassion in all of Allah's decisions for us. The patient and wise one realize so in time.

One of the articles of faith is to believe in destiny ( taqdeer); the good and the bad of it. This life is a trial and Allah tests us with both good and bad incidents.

We should pray for good and seek Allah's protection from any misfortune to befall on us.

So apparently hard things to happen like Allah says in His book

'Do people think that they will say we have faith and they will be left alone and not tested.' (29:2) 'And Certainly We shall test you with something of fear, hunger, loss of wealth, lives and fruits. But give glad tidings to the As-sabirin (the patient ones) who: when afflicted with calamities say, Truly: To Allah we belong and truly to Him we shall return.'

[The Holy Quran]

I think (i could be wrong) Emerald is saying that she views life as a movie where all the roles and characters are defined and playing according the the plot where God is the story-writer, director.

This comment is getting long, to end i would say Ali your Britney comment gave me a good laugh :)

God bless


mOi said...

syra, the comment above was more profound then the post itself. But yes it does happen.

At times, the stranger feeling goes into thin air even when you ARE total strangers. Allah's devised works.