Saturday, 11 October 2008

mein ney pyaar kiya

Jaan jaati hai by Khany

jaan jaati hai par mein ney aitebaar kiya
jaan jaati hai magar mein ney iqrar kiya

terray aanay sey dil ko hosala-e-aitemaad mila
tujh sey pehlay mein ney abdan inkaar kiya

jeeta tha mein roz yeh tamanah lay ker
tujh sa koi hasseen merra sahaara hota

tu bichra bhi jo mujh sey tou yoon bichra zaalim
malamat bhi na ker sakaa, dil tou halka hota

phir bhi terra yeh karam tu ney merra naam liya
jaan tou jaani hii thi khushaa keh mein ney pyaar kiya


Editors note: The poem is originally titled Jaan jaati hai.


mOi said...

Wow .... nicely expressed.

I was wondering in the last verse, is it خوشہ?

Saira Andleeb said...

the couplet i liked the most is :

tu bichra bhi jo mujh sey tou yoon bichra zaalim,
malamat bhi na ker sakaa, dil tou halka hota


Syra said...

khushaa--pushto word i think.
used in a manner, "bachay" would be in punjabi, "kido" in english

just a guess :) i might be totally wrong.

Saira Andleeb said...

people, wheres khany!!!


khany said...

apologies for the delay. i check saira's blog more regularly, however, we were enjoying a nice long weekend in toronto and i was very occupied.

thank you for the compliments.
the word in the final verse is khushaa. (the one and only time) i have seen it used in our o-level urdu text. so it is legit! (a quick google search reveals ghalib and faiz have composed verses with khushaa featuring in them as well)

'khusaa' is related to 'khushi' (happiness) and and it describes 'a state/matter of happiness/joy'. it is frequently used as an interjection, in the sense of 'how happy...!' or 'how fortunate...!'

the fourth verse is also my favorite :)

Syra said...

:$ :D I am laughing at my interpretation of the word

mOi said...

Ah ha :)

خوشہ نصیب!

lolz syra ;)

khany said...

syra i think you confused the pushto 'khocha' (also 'khoche') for khushaa :D

Syra said...