Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Golo Molo and friends

Chono mono
Bailu cutie
Goshi janu


Golo molo


Zeenie leenie teenie

Snow white

Gopo baby

God bless my friends infinitely.


Shahrukh said...

OMG!! Tazeen had a boy cut :D:D:D

Sameer said...

Golo Molo looks the naughtiest :p ... Look at the text on reddy's shirt! :D

Syra said...

naughty and meeeeeeeee?
i was a very very very shy kid
uff those pony tails were tight and irritating, daikh kar uljan ho rahee hai mujay tau :D

reddy dude,your shirt says it all for you :p

Cloey! said...

LOL...!!! wow!! The first pic I guessed here was golo molo...and after that Reddy!! man he still looks ditto same :P

Recognized choto cuto moto by har "bantay" jaisi aankhein and lips :P

Then I recognized our very own pinky.... :D by her eyes & nosey :P

Last but certainly not the least was finally able to recognise zeeni leeni teenie... now she has really changed.....

Fit idea syre !! aww...alll look shooo cute !! :P

Tazeen said...

i love ur pic the best syree...xuni ki best baby pic is in my custody, pinky kay kiya kehnay she will always stay her same baby self :)the bad boy is just the same as now :)
and yeah sharukh all babys have a boy cut itna amuse ho rahay ho :)

Syra said...

thank u zeenie :)
pinky cutie looks the naughtiest :)

Isbahz said...

wow yaar... everyone looks super cute! :)

Xunaira said...

sana jan is the cutesttt!!!!! motooo gublooooooooo!!!

Tazeen said...

wow sana jan is a complete jannnnnnnnn...

Cloey!! said...

oH mY!! Sana Jan!! LOLzzzz ... uff... she looks like such a cute bean bag... awwww ...Januuu baby!!

teeb@ said...


i recognized the ones i met!!!
Bravo!!! :P

Saira Andleeb said...

teeba still smiles the exact same way, and Mona looks so chinese and completely unrecognisable !

Syra said...

lol...that isn't mona :)

Saira Andleeb said...

yikes ! ... the mono part in the chono mono made me think its mona :D

Humairah Irfan said...

hey, mashallah that's SO cute! These are all your friends when they were little?

Syra said... got that right..all these kidos are my buddies :) these are their childhood images.

teeB@ said...

im admiring the new babies and the old ones too, the afghani gal in 2nd last pic and THE UNRECOGNIZABLE last pic :P Asma K. Mirza, u WERE really cute ( loooooong back ) ;)

Monay said...

MONA ChINESE...LOLZZzzz...Seriously!

Afghani....ahem ahem :D

Asma said...

lolz teebooooo ... I just gathered now which pic is urs :P

I look blood drained in pic and jaundiced :P Change syra :)

Syra said...

you look and teeba were admiring your jet black hair and your big big black eyes :)
me like this pic of u, moi
:) let me keep it.