Friday, 7 September 2012

Traits of a best friend

'So who is your best friend' is a question frequently asked. I have come up with a list of traits I find befitting on that one person you can label as your best friend.

- someone around whom you can be yourself; no formality, no judgements
- someone with you can talk about anything and everything; the good, the bad, the jokes, the serious talks, the whining, the laughters
- someone who is always there for you in the hour of need or otherwise; this could be as light as getting together for an unplanned icecream craving or as serious as being the first one to help you out of some deep trouble
- someone who will walk an extra mile for you
- someone whose company is always welcome
- someone with whom you share the same rights and wrongs

Hmmmm, what more, add to my list =)